Roll out of e-Way Bill in Goa and Union Territories

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Roll out of e-Way Bill system for intra-State movement of goods in the State of Goa and Union Territories

E-Way Bill system for intra-State goods movement have been rolled out in the following states and Union Territories:








Earlier e-Way bill was rolled out in the following states namely:
1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Bihar
4. Gujarat
5. Haryana
6. Himachal Pradesh
7. Jharkhand
8. Karnataka
9. Kerala
10. Madhya Pradesh
11. Meghalaya
12. Nagaland
13. Sikkim
14. Telangana
15. Tripura
16. Uttarakhand
17. Uttar Pradesh
18. Puducherry
19. Assam
20. Rajasthan

With the roll-out of e-Way Bill system in these States, it is expected that trade and industry will be further facilitated insofar as the transport of goods is concerned, thereby eventually paving way for a nation-wide single e-Way Bill system. Trade and industry and transporters located in these States may obtain registration/enrolment on e-Way Bill portal namely at the earliest without waiting for the last date.


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